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2015 Fall Ball Registration Fees

   Program   Deadline   Registration    After Deadline
 League Age 7-11   Youth
8/24/15 $95.00 $115.00
 League Age 12-18   Seniors
8/24/15 $25.00 $55.00

The Benicia Little League Fall Ball program is a unique opportunity for players to enhance their skills in a relaxed and less competitive environment than our regular season.

For players who are looking to move from Farm to Minors, or Minors to Majors this is an especially valuable program as players have the chance to experience the differences in game speed, strategies, and more between this year's spring division and the new division in 2016

Majors and Minors and Farm Fall Ball Program:

Our continually evolving BLL Fall Ball program consists of:

  • One Divisional Clinic Per Week
  • One Team-Based Practice Per Week
  • One Divisional Game Each Weekend

Divisions and Schedules: Targeted date to begin Fall Baseball for Majors, Minors, and Farms is August 24th and will begin with player evaluations to determine which Fall Division best suits the player. The days for each division are as follows:

  • Farm: Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday
  • Minors: Monday / Wednesday / Saturday
  • Majors: Tuesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday

Start times for practices is typically 5:00pm, but may move to 4:45 as we move closer to the end of October.

Saturday game times have yet to be determined.

Fall ball will conclude on Saturday, October 31st

Divisional Clinics: Clinics are designed to teach specific skills to all the players in the division. They are modeled loosely on the concepts used in the yearly BHS Baseball clinic where all the team participate together at one site. A specific set of skills will be taught during the session. For example, a pitching clinic would teach pitching grips (4-seam, 2-seam, change-up), the wind-up, the stretch, balance points, etc. The clinic skills are then enforced in the following weeks team practice.

Team Practice or Practice Game: Team practices are run by the coaching staff of the fall ball program. As with regular season practices, they are focused in building team based skills in preparation for games. They are 1.5 hours long. The program coaches and leadership may choose to hold a practice game instead of a practice to get more game experience.

Weekend Game: Each weekend players are organized into teams for that weekends play, and there is one game per team to allow the players to use their new skills in real game situations. In years past BLL worked with Tri-Valley and American Canyon Little Leagues to have games against those other leagues, or have included players from those leagues, and use those local leagues facilities to allow all the players to have a bit of a fun travel experience during the season. Those two leagues are interested, and we hope to continue that cooperation this year.

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from last years players and their families, and we will be adding even more to this years program. We encourage you to join us and have a bit of fun this fall!

Senior Fall Ball Program (ages 12 - 18) - 2015 Expansion:

For 2105 BLL's Fall Program will be expanding to include ages 12 to 18 as a way to leverage the use of Fitzgerald Field and reach more players.

In 2014, the Fall Program added an advanced group to accommodate players going into Freshman or JV baseball, and this year we are opening up the program even more by providing training and field access to players right through Varsity level.

This years program will consist of 3-4 separate groups, and involve coaches from Benicia High School, Solano Nationals, and Benicia Aces. Players will be able to move between groups based on either their skills, or a desire to work on specific aspects of their game. Those groups will be:

  • First and 2nd Year Juniors
  • Preparation for Freshman Baseball
  • Preparation for Junior Varsity / Varsity Baseball
  • Preparation for Varsity Baseball

First and 2nd Year Juniors:
Players transitioning from Majors to Juniors on the big field and those with just a single year of big field experience will have a program focused on teaching and refining the skills required for the new style of baseball and field dimensions.

Some of the new skills will include: Holding Runners, Pitching from Stretch, Big Field Hitting (swing + approach), Lead-Offs and Secondary Leads, Double Play Footwork, Big Field Cuts / Relays, and much more.

Preparation for Freshman Baseball:
With players moving into their High School program there is a transition from the pace and style of play they have been used to in Little League, and the very different aspects of High School baseball. The goal of this program is to introduce elements of the new environment, and teach the skills players will need to enter the competitive, no minimum play time, tryout based High School program.

Preparation for Junior Varsity / Varsity Baseball:
Players who will be trying out for / returning to Varsity or Junior Varsity programs will receive a different level of instruction with a focus on maintaining the links to baseball, and allow players to work on off-season skills using our Fitzgerald facilities. This level of the program will be much less clinic based, and will work in a more practice, game situation style of coaching.

Preparation for Varsity Baseball:
In years past, Benicia High School had a fall program that would help players work on specific aspects of their game, stay in shape, and leverage the Fitzgerald field facilities. This year BLL has worked with members of the BHS Varsity staff to provide some aspects of that program again.

Varsity or high level players can use the field, batting cage, and do their off season work under the lights at Fitz.

If we have sufficient players register for the Senior Fall Ball program we will expand to include live games in addition to the scheduled clinics, practice, and access times..

Even if your player(s) are participating in other programs or travel ball, we will be happy to include them in our skills clinics or other practice levels. provided they have been registered in our BLL system.

Note: With an understanding of the impact that repetitive throwing has on players, all of the program levels will maintain a reduced throwing environment. Any game situations will feature single innings for pitchers during the game.

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