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2014 Fall Ball Registration Fees

   Program   Deadline   Registration    After Deadline
 League Age 6-7   Farm  8/24/14 $95.00 $115.00
 League Age 7-9   Minors  8/24/14 $95.00 $115.00
 League Age 9-11   Majors  8/24/14 $95.00 $115.00
 League Age 12-13   Juniors  8/24/14 $95.00 $115.00

The Benicia Little League Fall Ball program is a unique opportunity for players to enhance their skills in a relaxed and less competitive environment than our regular season.

For players who are looking to move from Teeball to Farm, from Farm to Minors, or from Minors to Majors this is an especially valuable program as players have the chance to experience the differences in game speed, strategies, and other differences between this year's division and the new division in 2014

Fall Ball Program:

Our continually evolving BLL Fall Ball program consists of:

  • One Team Practice Per Week
  • One Divisional Clinic Per Week
  • One Divisional Game Each Weekend

Team Practice: Team practices are run by the coaching staff of the team. As with regular season practices, they are focused in building team unity and team skills in preparation for games. They are 1.5 hours long.

Divisional Clinics: Clinics are designed to teach specific skills to all the players in the division. They are modeled loosely on the concepts used in the yearly BHS Baseball clinic where all the team participate together at one site. A specific set of skills will be taught during the session. For example, a pitching clinic would teach pitching grips (4-seam, 2-seam, change-up), the wind-up, the stretch, balance points, etc. The clinic skills are then enforced in the following weeks team practice.

Weekend Divisional Game: Each weekend there is one game per team to allow the players to use their new skills in real game situations.

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the past two years players and their families, and we will be using the feedback to enhance the programe even more to this year. We encourage you to join us and have a bit of fun this fall!

Juniors Fall Ball Ages 12 - 14: The extent of the 2014 Juniors program will not be finalized until registration has been completed.

The primary objective for the Juniors Fall Ball program is to train players who are transitioning from the Little League field (60' bases, 46' pitchers mound) onto the full Big Field (90' bases, 60' 6" pitchers mound) dimensions.

There is a significant difference in skills, tactics, and approach for this transition, and the feedback from players who participated in the 2013 program confirmed that the transition was much easier after participating in Juniors Fall ball. We also received positive feedback from players who played in Juniors for the 2013 Spring Season as they received more in-depth training than can be naturally afforded during the regular season.

As with 2013 - we will be teaming up with the Solano Nationals Travel Ball club to provide a high level of training for the fall ball season. The 'Nats' have a successful club program that includes teams of all age groups competing at the AAA and Open tournament levels, and have a 100% success rate for players making their High School baseball teams.

We would like to have a similar program to Little League (one clinic, one practice, one game), but this will depend upon the number of players registered.

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