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Benicia Little League will be opening registration on or just before November 1st. Fees remain the same as 2014, and holiday discounts will be available through 2014.

Watch for updates on the website, and returning families will receive email notification once registration is open.

2015 Spring Registration Fees

Age Range Division Registration
Season Fee
 League Age 4-6   Tee Ball  11/1/2014 --
 League Age 7-8   Farm  11/1/2014 --
 League Age 9-11
 Minor A/B  11/1/2014 --
 League Age 10-12   Majors  11/1/2014 --
 League Age 13-15   Juniors (Full Season)  11/1/2014 --
 League Age 16-18   Big League (Full Season)  11/1/2014 --

Discounts for Tee Ball divisions are now being offered through January. Hurry to receive a $25 savings off of our regular season prices!

Note: a $100.00 volunteer fee will be collected for families new to Benicia Little League, or those that were unable to meet their 2014 Volunteer commitment (10 hours per family). This fee is in addition to the fees listed above.

The volunteer commitment for 2015 will remain the same as 2014 - 10 Hours.

Registration will remain open through January 2015, but holiday pricing is limited. Full Season Price will be collected after the special holiday pricing deadline has passed.

Things You Should Know Before Registering

Who Must Complete The Walk-In Process

All families with players of league age 4 - 15 must complete their registration process by attending one of our walk-in events. If you miss the scheduled walk-in events, you may still complete the registration process during one of our player evaluation Saturday's in early January. See the website for more details on scheduled walk-in events, and evaluation sessions.

For details of what information is required for registration please see the details below by clicking here

Who is eligible to play

Players between the age of 5 and 18 living in the Benicia Little League boundaries.

Little League International rules specify that you need to be able to produce three or more pieces of proof of residency such as driver's license, utility bills or government forms (view residency eligibility requirements).

What Division Level of Play you want to request for your child

To learn about each Division, view our Division Levels of Play document.

Will your child need to attend evaluations?

Yes, for players League Age 9 and older. This help us place them in the correct division. Please review the League Calendar for dates and times of the evaluation sessions.

What is League Age?

The Little League year (as of November 2014) runs from January 1st through December 31st of each year. With the change to Little Leagues age policy for 2015, "League Age" is now calculated based on the age the player will be in the year of play.

As an example, a player who turns 9 years old during the season year (any date between 1/1 and 12/31) will be considered that league age for the season.

Like the residency requirement, you must also be able to provide proof of your child's birth date. For more information, view the proof of age requirements.

Payment Policy

All fees must be paid in full or up-to-date for players to participate in league evaluation sessions (tryouts), or be assigned to teams. If fees are not paid in full, the player will be placed on a waiting list until fee issues are resolved.

Registration Details

Our new on-line registration process is much simpler and more effective than ever. To register, please read the following instructions.

Click on the link below to go to the 1st part of the registration process called on-line registration. Follow the directions carefully. For those of you who registered last year, you will find most of your information already completed. Others will need to fill in the blanks.


If you do not have access to an internet-enabled computer, it is recommended that you use a computer at a site such as the Benicia Public Library. Failure to complete the on-line process before attending the walk-in will prevent you from registering.

There will be NO computers available at the walk-in for public use.

If you arrive at the walk-in phase without having completed the on-line phase, we will NOT be able to perform the walk-in process.

After the on-line process is completed ,  come to any one of our walk-in registrations which will be held at a location to be determined in Benicia. The dates and times of the "walk-ins" are as follows:
    • Session One: Completed
    • Session Two: Completed
    • Final Walk-In: Completed
    To make the walk-in process as efficient as possible, registrants should come prepared with the following:
    1. Receipt from Registration
    2. Birth certificate of player
    3. A document containing the registrant's home address such as a utility bill, phone bill, or bank statement

    If a family member plans to manage, coach, or volunteer in some other capacity, please complete the VOLUNTEER AND MANAGER-COACH forms on the web site AND bring a copy of photo ID to the walk-in. These forms and ID will be used for the background check mandated by Little League International for all volunteers who will have regular contact with players.

    If you have any questions concerning registration, please contact either:

    Our registration season is open for the Spring 2015 Season, and we've enhanced our league tool set with a faster, easier, and clearer on-line registration process

    Request to Play Up or Down

    If you wish your child to play up into a division before they are technically age eligible, or you wish your child to play down and remain in a previous revision. Please fill out the request for and submit it to our player agents:

    Download the form by clicking here  

    Changes to Little League Age Policy for Spring 2015

    Beginning with the 2015 season, Little League International has changed the basis for the calculation of League Age.

    All players born after 12/31/2005 will now have their league age calculated based on January 1st of their birth year. Players who were born before 12/31/2005 will be grandfathered in and have their league age calculated on the previous May 1st date formula.

    You may view the new league age calculation matrix (2015 Little League Age Chart) here or visit for more information.

    You may also test the changes by using the League Age calculator on our website under Registration Information.

    Age Change FAQ

    Q: Who is Impacted?
    A: Players born after 2005 and with birth dates between May 1st and December 31st are impacted. All other players are not impacted by the change.

    Q: I've already registered, what happens to my players league age?
    A: If you have already registered and your player's date of birth falls between May 1st and December 31st the league has already changed League Age for you. If the change in age requires a division change, that has been made for you as well so that your player is placed in the correct division.

    Q: I'm registering now - do I need to do anything?
    A: No, league age calculation has been adjusted so you will see the proper divisions available for you player when you register.

    Q: My player has been moved from Farms to Minor B (changed to league age 9) - What happens?
    A: Two things happen. First - your player is now eligible for the draft and must now participate in the BLL evaluation process required of all draft age players. Second - you'll be asked to pay the difference in fees between Farms and Minor B.

    League Age Calculator

    League Year
    Birth Date

    Your medical and emergency contact information

    We need this for emergency purposes while your child is playing.

    How to register

    Follow this link to Learn How to Login and Register. In addition, you can also view our Help information on the menu bar.

    If you still have specific questions, please contact our Registrar at

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