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BLL Hosting Juniors Sectionals!

We need volunteers! There Field Prep, Scorekeeping and more are available for sign up through the website.

Benicia Little League has been given the responsiblity to host the 2014 Juniors Sectionals.

This is a great event where 5 different District Champions (including Benicia Little League) will be competing for the opportunity to move forward to the next level of games in a tourment that finished with a Juniors World Series birth in Washington.

Final teams have been announced and the game schedule is as follows (all games at Fitzgerald):

DateTime  Teams
7/114:00pm   Benicia [5] vs. Ft. Bragg [6]
7/117:00pm  Oakland [7] vs. Dixon [3]
7/1210:00am  Oakland [11] vs. San Francisco [6]
7/121:30pm  Benicia [8] vs. Dixon [3]
7/144:00pm  Ft. Bragg [2] vs. Oakland [12]
7/147:00pm  Benicia [11] vs. San Francisco [2]
7/155:00pm  Ft. Bragg [5] vs. Benicia [12]
7/164:00pm  Benicia [4] vs. Oakland [3]
7/167:00pm  Benicia [4] vs.Oakland [6]

All Star Tournament Information!

District All Star Tournament Schedules
The District 53 All Star Tournament Schedules for 9-10, 10-11, and Majors (11-12) teams are available
To download the latest brackets: Click Here

The Big League team is moving on to the Western Region Tournament in Bremerton Washington. Information about that tournament including scores broadcast via Game Changer are available on the District 2 Website

Juniors Team Status

  • Game One 7/5: Win (14-3)
  • Game Two 7/7: Win (14-1) [District 53 Champions]
  • Game Three 7/11: Loss (6-5)
  • Game Four 7/12: Win (8-3)
  • Game Five 7/14: Win (11-2)
  • Game Six 7/15: Win (12-5)
  • Game Seven 7/16: Win (4-3)
  • Game Eight 7/16: Loss (6-4) [Final Tournament Game]

Seniors Team Status

  • Game One 7/12: Win (14-4)
  • Game Two 7/13: Loss (7-4)
  • Game Three 7/14: Win (15-7)
  • Game Four 7/15: Win (8-1)
  • Game Five 7/15: Loss (7-2) [Final Tournament Game]

Big League Team Status

  • Game One 7/6: Loss (7-5)
  • Game Two 7/8: Win (13-3)
  • Game Three 7/9: Win (11-1)
  • Game Four 7/10: Win (7-5)
  • Game Five 7/11: Win (14-0)
  • Game Six 7/11: Win (10-4) [Division Champions]
  • Game Seven 7/15: Win (12-1)
  • Game Eight 7/17: Win (6-2)
  • Game Nine 7/18: Win (11-6)
  • Game Ten 7/19: Loss (3-1) [Final Tournament Game]

9-10 Team Status

  • Game One 7/4: Win (10-0)
  • Game Two 7/5: Loss (12-4)
  • Game Three 7/7: Win (7-4)
  • Game Four 7/8: Loss (10-0) [Final Tournament Game]

10-11 Team Status

  • Game One 7/4: Loss (8-5)
  • Game Two 7/5: Win (29-1)
  • Game Three 7/6: Loss (10-1) [Final Tournament Game]

Majors (11-12) Team Status

  • Game One 7/4: Win (5-1)
  • Game Two 7/5: Loss (3-1)
  • Game Three 7/6: Loss (9-8) [Final Tournament Game]

2014 All Stars

B i g  L e a g u e  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r 
Manager: Mike Palmer
  PlayerLeague Age
  Hudson Bishop17
  Kyle Blakeman18
  Jack Bowles16
  Anthony Fellman18
  Ryan Galiza17
  Jared Hanson18
  Alex Holguin18
  Clayton Hutcheson18
  Miguel Ibarra17
  Boston Killough17
  Jaden Lane18
  Tanner Marchant17
  Nate Palmer18
  Toby Peters18
  Jason Ramirez18

S e n i o r s  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Manager: Jon Wood
  PlayerLeague Age
  Anthony Altman16
  Justin Badger16
  Michael Beard16
  John Bonnette15
  Chris Core16
  Peter Dalby15
  Tom Dalby16
  Nick Derouaux15
  Kyle Hanson15
  Anthony Lopez15
  Evan Phillips16
  Drew Saitz16
  Zac Taugher15
  Spencer Vercelli16
  Jake Webb15

J u n i o r s  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Manager: Keith Lederer
TeamPlayerLeague Age
Justice Alexander13
Elijah Birdsong14
Joey Daini14
Clayton Farmer13
Kyle Galiza14
John Lee14
Dylan McCombe14
Dmitri Mclen14
Ryan Nelson14
Jordan O'Connor14
Michael Parodi14
Carson Rendell14
Nigel Santos14
William Stewart14

11 / 12  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Manager: Ray Martin
TeamPlayerLeague AgeDivision
Jaxon Bates12Majors
Leli Fifita12Majors
Nate Freeman12Majors
Geremy Fua12Majors
Sean Kennedy12Majors
Owen Lassahn12Majors
Sean Martin12Majors
Richard Mealey12Majors
Sammy Peterson12Majors
Toby Stritter12Majors
Joey Tan12Majors
Peter Templeton12Majors
Zion Trammell12Majors

10 / 11  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Manager: Robbie Saitz
Team Player League Age Division
Andrew Ballinger 11 Majors
Arian Chapman 11 Majors
Braedan Chapman 11 Majors
Nui Fifita 10 Majors
Andrew Foley 11 Majors
Hunter Griswold 11 Majors
Ajani Longmire 11 Majors
Conner Maio 11 Majors
Benjamin Saitz 10 Majors
Princeton Toki 11 Majors
Santana Urias 11 Majors
A. Valentine Jr. 10 Majors

9 / 10  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Manager: Ray Trias
Team Player League Age Division
Anthony Chaney 10 Minor-A
Hunter Coombs 10 Minor-A
Peter French 9 Minor-A
Vaugn Goshert 9 Minor-A
Shane Irwin 10 Minor-A
Devin Mason 10 Minor-A
Jake Matteson 9 Minor-A
Dominic Naratil 10 Majors
Troy Peters 9 Minor-A
Dominic Romano 10 Minor-A
Aiden Ross 9 Minor-A
Dylan Trammell 10 Majors
Trey Trias 10 Minor-A


Majors, Minors, and Farms, Divisions are Open!

Reminder: Space for Fall 2014 is LIMITED
While we work hard to include all children who want to participate in Little League, we do have limited space based on the number of fields, and the number of coaches.

BLL Needs Coaches and Managers!
In the past two Fall seasons (2012, 2013), we've seen a marked increase in player registrations. While this is a great thing for our league, it also is a challenge because our space for players and teams is limited by the number of Managers and Coaches we are able to recruit and train.

All players league age 6 through 14 can now register for the fall Ball seson.

Registering for Fall Baseball
As a parent with a returning child from the spring season, you will be familiar with our on-line registration process. All of your information from the 2014 season(s) has be retained so a simple review is all that is necessary.

To proceed, use the link below to confirm the information we have for you and to assign your password. After that is done, you will be taken directly to the registration area.

A few things before you do that:

1) We know you are dying to go on to registration, but take a moment to read these notes and the rest of the email as it has some other important information you should know.

2) You may have received more than one of these emails. We suggest that you use the link in the email that you wish to be your primary email address for logging in.

3) Some people may have assigned the same email address to both parents, or the address you registered with was not the same as those assigned to the parents. So please verify the information, and make any changes as needed.

4) If you should have a problem or think that something is not correct, feel free to contact us at info@benicialittleleague.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

Click Here For Additional FAQ About First Time Login

Fall Baseball Registration Process

For detailed information on the registration process, fees, and fall program please refer to our Registration Information page.

Please Save Your Receipt from Registration!

If a family member plans to manage, coach, or volunteer in some other capacity, please complete the VOLUNTEER AND MANAGER-COACH forms on the web site.. These forms and ID will be used for the background check mandated by Little League International for all volunteers who will have regular contact with players. Volunteer background checks done for the spring season will apply to Fall. Those who have already been approved will not need to submit another volunteer form.

Proceed to Registration

Sign Up for Benicia Rain Text Alerts!

Want to be informed as soon as we know that fields are closed or games are canceled? Now there is a way to ensure you get the message as fast as possible right on your phone!

To sign up simply: Text BLLRAINOUT to 84483 to receive alerts from Benicia Little League

This is a free service for anyone with a phone so sign up now and start receiving alerts.

Note: you may opt-out of the Rain Alerts by clicking here and entring your cell phone number.

You may also opt-out by replying to any text message from RainedOut with the word: STOP. Anything more than those four letters will not work.

Please view the information on our site. If you have any general questions, please email us at info@benicialittleleague.com

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