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Fields are Open!

As of: 6/10/2015 - 9:15 am

Despite the light rain All Benicia fields remain open - Will update this afternoon after the city gives us final word.

Stay tuned to the website and if you have not signed up for text alerts already - sign up today.

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Note: Coaches need to review field conditions to ensure player safety and the impact that play may have on the field.

Please be especially careful when practicing on Black Top to ensure player safety as wet Black Top can be extremely slippery.

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Spring 2015 Closing Day Saturday 6/13!

Regular season for Little League is over, and playoffs are in full swing. Juniors only have two weeks before they go into post season, and Big League and Seniors are in full swing.

District All Stars are just around the corner..

2015 All Stars

15 / 16  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Player League Age Division
Elijah Birdsong 15 Seniors
Jake Carrillo 16 Seniors
Nick Derouaux 16 Seniors
Clayton Farmer 14 Seniors
Kyle Hanson 16 Seniors
Ryan Herd 16 Seniors
Anthony Lopez 16 Seniors
Christian Mcinerney 15 Seniors
Dmitri Mclen 15 Seniors
Jordan O'connor 15 Seniors
Mike Parodi 15 Seniors
Ian Phillips 14 Seniors
Anthony Pruit 15 Seniors
Zac Taugher 16 Seniors
Deven Weaver 16 Seniors
Jake Webb 16 Seniors

13 / 14  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Team Player League Age Division
Justice Alexander 14 Juniors
Chuchi Cooper 14 Seniors
Jacob Hanson 14Seniors
Luke Hornbrook 14 Seniors
Dawson Hunt 14Juniors
Nial Johnson 14 Juniors
Braeden Lavezzo 14 Seniors
Grant Lugliani 14 Juniors
Sean Mcquilkin 14 Juniors
Ryne Richard 13 Juniors
Max Rund 14 Juniors
Nate Snitker 13 Juniors
Toby Stritter 13 Juniors
Remy Wiltz 13 Juniors

11 / 12  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Team Player League Age Division
Andrew Foley 12 Majors
Hunter Griswold 12 Majors
AJ Longmire 12Majors
Michael Lopretta 12 Majors
Connor Maio 12Majors
Daniel Morgan Jr. 12 Majors
Justin Palacios 12 Majors
Cesar Rubio 12 Majors
Aiden Sherry 12 Majors
Cade Tobias 12 Majors
Princeton Toki 12 Majors
Santana Urias 12 Majors
Alyas Vigil 12 Majors

10 / 11  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Team Player League Age Division
Jakob Boyle 11 Majors
Nui Fifita 11 Majors
Shane Irwin 11 Majors
Camron Jacobson 11 Majors
Gabriel Martinez 11 Majors
Devin Mason 11 Majors
William Mclaughlin 11 Majors
Dominic Naratil 11 Majors
Dominic Romano 11 Majors
Ben Saitz 11 Majors
Dylan Trammell 11 Majors
Trey Trias 11 Majors
Anthony Valentine, Jr. 11 Majors

9 / 10  D i s t r i c t  A l l  S t a r s
Team Player League Age Division
Xander Estrada 10 Minor-A
Patrick Fernandez 10 Minor-A
Jacob French 10 Minor-A
Gage Gibbons 10 Minor-A
Vaughn Goshert 10 Minor-A
Kelly Harms 9 Minor-A
Logan Lee 10 Minor-A
Ryan Malte 10 Minor-A
Angel Martinez 10 Minor-A
Jake Matteson 10 Minor-A
TJ Peters 10 Minor-A
Nathan Salas 9 Minor A

M a j o r s  I n - H o u s e
R e d 
B l u e 
Wyatt Fry
Jamison Nagle
Dominc Ronchetto
Jordan Thorn
Patrick Bjornstad
Hunter Coombs
Hunter Price
Joey Zimmer
Kyle Nelson
Aiden Ross
Mario Bonini
Jacob Manipis
Daren McClafferty
Leo Sanchez
Brandon Anolin
Colin Nichols
Bryce Colaizzi
Andrew Mclarty
Quinton Rivero
RJ Cabral
Bryce Eldredge
PJ Morgan
Cade Zielstorff
Gus Doty
Riley Leong
Kolbe Olmes
Keith Ruble
Chris Bidou
Sebastian Maciel
Ciaran Oconnell

M i n o r A   I n - H o u s e
R e d 
B l u e 
Jacob Cayanan
Jake Matson
Noah Peterson
Jaiden Tan
Ryan Webb
Emily Davis
Ryan Mealey
Matthew Selman
Josh Cortez
Brandon Lopez
Kabir Sihota
Mark Stafford Jr
Keanu Villanueva
Morgan De Lago
Ryder De Lago
Forrest Stewart
Randy Little
Holden Marksbury
Diego Menjivar
Gabriel Pfahl
Riley Reyes
Dean Childs
David Broom
AJ Ferguson
Nico Ruiz
Dominic Caldo
Harrison Hubbard
Liam Nichols
Peyton Rowles
Pierce Tenret

M i n o r B   I n - H o u s e
R e d 
B l u e 
Myles Cooper
Bradley Eldredge
Riley Gilley
Carlos Largaespada
Ethan Sylvia
Jaden Mason
Jacob George
Carson Palmer
Jason Gray
Nash Rubins
Gavin Louton
Wesely Heberling
Caden Keffer
Jake Holcomb
Blake Matteson
Kaden Estrada
Clay Zielstorff
Tyler Dodd
Jessie Reynoso
Sam Miller
Wyatt Miyamoto
Cole Johnson
Luca Carmichael
LT Finn
Cormac OConnell
Mario Stump
Jax Core
Jaden Keblis
Pierce Griswold
Dominic Louro

Changes to Little League Age Policy for Spring 2015

Beginning with the 2015 season, Little League International has changed the basis for the calculation of League Age.

All players born after 12/31/2005 will now have their league age calculated based on January 1st of their birth year. Players who were born before 12/31/2005 will be grandfathered in and have their league age calculated on the previous May 1st date formula.

You may view the new league age calculation matrix (2015 Little League Age Chart) here or visit www.littleleague.org for more information.

For more detailed information and an FAQ Click Here

You may also test the changes by using the League Age calculator on our website under Registration Information.

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Please view the information on our site. If you have any general questions, please email us at info@benicialittleleague.com

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