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Juniors, Seniors, Big League (Age 13- 18) - Registration is Open!

Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen year olds, don't miss the opportunity to play at historic Fitzgerald Field. We will have registration open up until Juniors Tryouts which are tentatively scheduled for February 21st, 2015.

Over the years this has proven to be an exceptional program for our local teenage players, many of whom use the Juniors / Seniors season as a warm of for the competition intense summer travel ball tournament and showcase season.

High School Tryouts Many of our High School age players tryout for the various levels of Benicia High baseball.

BLL fully supports that effort and encourages all players to tryout for BHS baseball.

In the even that a player does not make the BHS team - Benicia Little League still has a place for those players to play, work on their game, and prepare for tryouts the following year.

Special BHS Tryout fees will be made available so that any player who participates in tryouts will receive the Early Bird Discount of $50 off the regular season fee.

Little League Registration Information - Time Nearly Over!

Registration opened on November 1st and will continue through till the end of January for Tee Ball and Farm age players.

For detailed information on fees, League Age, Divisions and more, please view the Registration Information page.

Missed Evaluations? Contact Us ASAP!

If you missed our two evaluation sessions this in Month, you'll need to contact our Player Agent (playeragent@benicialittleleague.com) to make arrangements for a special evaluation. There is still some time to register, but your player must be registered 48 hours before the drafts begin, and have been evaluated prior to the draft to be eligible for selection in the draft.

Missed Walk-In? Contact Us

If you missed our three walk in sessions this in December, and our Evaluations in January then you'll need to contact our Information Officer (info@benicialittleleague.com) to make arrangements for a review of you're proof of residency documents to ensure eligibility for the 2015 Spring Season.

Changes to Little League Age Policy for Spring 2015

Beginning with the 2015 season, Little League International has changed the basis for the calculation of League Age.

All players born after 12/31/2005 will now have their league age calculated based on January 1st of their birth year. Players who were born before 12/31/2005 will be grandfathered in and have their league age calculated on the previous May 1st date formula.

You may view the new league age calculation matrix (2015 Little League Age Chart) here or visit www.littleleague.org for more information.

For more detailed information and an FAQ Click Here

You may also test the changes by using the League Age calculator on our website under Registration Information.

Notice - Tee Ball 4 Division Cancelled

Because of the change to Little Leagues policy for age, the majority of Tee Ball 4 children will be 3 years of age for much if not all the season..

As a result, Benicia Little League has chosen not to have a Tee Ball 4 league for the 2015 Spring Season.

We know this will be a disappointment to some families, but the Board believes that it is in the best interest of players and the player experience for the start of Baseball to be when the player reaches at least 4 years of age.

Sign Up for Benicia Rain Text Alerts!

Want to be informed as soon as we know that fields are closed or games are canceled? Now there is a way to ensure you get the message as fast as possible right on your phone!

To sign up simply: Text BLLRAINOUT to 84483 to receive alerts from Benicia Little League

You may also sign up using the website by clicking Join Benicia Little League text alerts on RainedOut.

This is a free service for anyone with a phone so sign up now and start receiving alerts.

Note: you may opt-out of the Rain Alerts by clicking here and entring your cell phone number.

You may also opt-out by replying to any text message from RainedOut with the word: STOP. Anything more than those four letters will not work.

Please view the information on our site. If you have any general questions, please email us at info@benicialittleleague.com

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